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Biological Research Support

At MAInc, our statisticians become involved with researchers at the protocol stage by aiding in the formulation of important questions and determination of the appropriate design to best answer the posed questions. We analyze the data and provide useful and informative statistical reports using graphics and tables to convey the appropriate information.

For biopharmaceutical researchers, we participate in interactions with regulatory agencies (i.e. FDA and APHIS). We are aggressive in promoting the use of newly available statistical methods in product development including contributing to joint academic , regulatory, and Animal Health Institute workshops and seminars.

We can help you with

  • Bioequivalence

  • Mitigated Fraction

  • Prevented Fraction

  • Protocol Development

  • Dose Determination

  • Stability Analysis

  • Variety Trials

  • FDA Submissions

  • APHIS Submissions

  • Validation Studies


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